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Health is a major universal factor silently working to keep every organ function efficiently, it performs an amazing task to keep you alive and support human existence. Health must be our primary concern as Buddha said “To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”. Thus most significant investment we can ever make is in our health and wellbeing, which means safeguarding ourselves from the disease.

All human beings continuously aspire for a happy life, a fulfilling and successful life. The purpose of getting so, to provide an adequate lifestyle to themselves or family members.

                            For this, it is essential to understand, what is valuable for a human being what is favorable to a happy and fulfilling life? It is health which plays a significant role in human’s life without it. We cannot even think of doing anything in our lives. Health has been missing links in our life system. This fast-paced life is taken up the sense to think over it. We should understand our needs and visualize our goals correctly and also indicate the direction for their fulfillment.

There is a strong need to rectify this situation by giving importance to health. It needs to cover all the dimensions and levels of human life if your health would not support you; you would not be able to do anything. Everyone wants happiness and prosperity for getting all the comforts but they are avoiding their physical energy.

During this pandemic, the fast pace of life has slowed down and given time to every individual to think about their health which usually people ignored because of their busy schedule. They forget to give importance to their health which they have given the least priority.

Now this pandemic has given an alarming call to everyone across the world that health is the only major factor that makes you run longer. If you want to use your body, in the long run, you have to pay attention to it.

We should have the responsibility towards the body. We should be self-organized and take good care of the body if we will not do it our body becomes unhealthy. The body is made up of trillion cells. Each cell has an intelligence of its own, and together, the cell has a common intelligence to enable them to work in perfect harmony. Indeed, it comes as no great surprise that your body is the most sophisticated computer in the universe. The trillion cells superbly network and closely communicate with each other, coordinating the various functions of the body and fulfilling its needs.

Here I am discussing the following factors for a healthy lifestyle….. 

Nurturing of the body

It is the most essential aspect for every individual to keep oneself healthy. We should arrange the right food for the body to nurture properly. Various elements that make complete food need to be included especially fresh food so that our food gives proper energy to the body.

The following points are needed to be taken care of……….

  • Timing:  We should take our food at a proper time because it works effectively and gives immense energy to the body.
  • Ingestion: Food we are having needs to be chewed well before swallowing. If the food is chewed well it gets healthier for the body. The work of the Intestine gets simpler to energize the body in lesser time.
  • Digestion: This is done by the body itself. It includes the choice of food we take. Food should be easily digestible, maintain proper posture while having food, eating the right quantity of food. The meal should be taken for the prospect of health rather than running behind the taste.
  • Excretion: The stomach needs to be emptied well every day and then only fresh food can be taken in. The body needs to clean well if it not get cleaned it becomes prone to diseases.

Protecting the body

The right amount of exposure of the body to the air, water, and sun is required to ensure its proper functioning. As we know clothes and shelter need to be such elements that ensure proper interaction of the body with the environment. Fresh air needs to be significant for the body to be healthier.

  • We should maintain proper upholding of the body which includes proper movement and rest of the body. It should have significance to take how much work we should take or how much rest should be taken by the body, should have a proper balance of it.
  • Labor means employing the body physically for the production and maintenance of physical facilities. The body needs to be in moving state it removes the laziness from the body and makes it fit.

Physical Exercise:

CORONA ERA made people think upon the significant factor of the health is a physical exercise which plays a vital role to be fit and run the life smoothly.

  • Asan  & Pranayam: It comes under yoga activities the system of the body has to be kept running properly through these tricks asan teaches us to keep our body in proper posture by sitting or lying on the other hand Pranayam related to breathing exercises. Yoga asana is designed for the whole body and not just the skin, limbs, or muscles. Yoga coordinates the various body function, it energizes the body systems to function effectively to their optimum capacity.    
  • Get the treatment of the body: It is a very obvious factor body may get unhealthy at times. For this, we have to arrange specific food which is easily digestible.

Right Utilization of the Body:

Yoga and exercises increase the efficiency and capacity of the body, another aspect is that when we utilize our body for right behavior and work, it gives favorable effect on the body and if we use it for the opposition with other human beings or nature, like fighting, hitting, quarreling it harms the body. Yoga asanas control and regulate the hormone output to stabilize emotions even under the most demoralizing circumstances or events.

                        Research reveals that an hour of yoga asanas performed every day with dedication and concentration, yields rich benefits for a healthy body and sound mind.

Meditation the timeless tool:

Meditation is derived from the Latin word “Meditari” which means “to heal”. It is one of the safest technologies invented thousands of years ago to regulate our emotional state. Meditation is an art repair and heals you physically, mentally, and spiritually i.e. Body, Brain, and Being.

Meditation works as a healer, to meditate means to sit still for about some minutes/hours. The body gets deep rest during meditation. Our mind and body get nurtured equally well. It reflects in our body posture and appearance. The way we think feel about ourselves has a direct influence on our body, the way the body feels reflects on the mind. A healthy mind keeps the body equally healthy.

            In the end, I would like to take this opportunity to suggest all my viewers prioritize your health and take the proper measure.

Take good care of yourself.


Meet you soon!

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