The Art of Meditation

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Hope you are good, it is a pleasure meeting you; I hope you all must be venturing something good to be fit and happy. Here I am going to give some glimpse of the ageless tool Meditation. This exercise is known as a healer but there is a myth that some people think it is bound with age and generation. Youth feel like doing meditation is the job of grandparents and parents. They are having “I do not care a damn” attitude with the lack of knowledge of Meditation here I would like to pen down some positive effects that do has its significance to heal a person who has wrapped with numerous problems.

In today’s era patience level and the fighting, capacity has blown in the negative direction being a fighter even then some people have blocked their mind and just end their life so soon. Though they have a beautiful life ahead they do not even want to look after the issues to have a resolution. Every single child is blessed with a beautiful life because God has given his/her all the right to live life on his/her term. No one can steal your strength, caliber or stamina which you hold within yourself. So I would urge all the generation to love, respect, and value yourself. You are a unique person with amazing attributes who can aspire high and also can get whatever you want, for attaining your dreams you should do one thing i.e. think positive the positivity comes to you.

It is said “What goes around comes around” The way we think nature and your life revolves accordingly.

Meditation is essentially concerned with the disciplining of the mind and body, a person who practices meditation has greater control over his emotions and physical state, adroitly handling any situation especially under pressure.

Origin of meditation: Meditation is derived from the Latin word “meditari” Which means to heal. It is one of the safest technologies invented ages ago to regulate our emotional state.       Meditation is an art and science of healing the mind and body. Meditation as art repairs and heals you physically, mentally, and spiritually. Negative emotions destroy the body, mind, and soul whereas meditation heals soothes, and boost the inner self with immense positivity.

As a science meditation integrates the three: brains, body and being into a complete whole. The harmony you are re-establishing in the body through meditation merges with the harmony of nature and the universe. Being a part of the universe we must learn the art of living in harmony with nature to lead a peaceful and qualitative life. Meditation helps us attain this harmony.

Illustrate it with an example Oceans and beaches on this planet. Like as ocean waves rise and fall. When the tides rise it lashes against the shores, flowing over the sands of the beach and then, as it records into the ocean, take along some of the sand to again rise and lash over the same sands. This never-ending cycle of the oceans being in motion has been a constant factor since the beginning of the planet.

Likewise, our mind is innately similar to the ocean and thoughts (like waves) lashing against the shores of the mind. Like the waves, thoughts take back that is mental peace. Under the persistent influence of incited thoughts, your mind is disunited and you are helpless, losing sight of the reality and the power to reason.

When a person gets into such a situation he/she losses the spark of positivity and also loses control of emotions and easily gets carried away by negative thoughts which prove to be harmful to them.

Meditation is an art that develops only with regular practice and when you do it twice a day, a peaceful outcome is produced, body and mind gets healed from the unavoidable stress. This enriches you with fresh energy, you feel energetic and positive that develops the confidence to achieve what matters most to you in life with no ifs and buts.

The rhythmic breathing and the relaxed state of the body are interpreted by the brain as a state beneficial to a calm frame of mind, so when you meditate the mind becomes calm. Further studies have shown that when the mind is calm, changes take place in the central nervous system.

Meditation specifically improves a person’s signal-to-noise ratio i.e. the mind works more efficiently when it has less ongoing mental chitchat or noise. For example, you work with greater efficiency in a quiet place rather than in a crowded place.

Why meditation? What is internal noise?

If you try to sit still and you could not. Something always kept happening in the mind. The internal conversation that goes on in the mind from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep. The body would waggle every now & then. Then the fallout comes is you cannot keep your mind quiet nor your body still. If you get succeed in doing one or both you are super composed being of doing anything.

The mind refuses to keep quiet & remain silent. Meditation is a kind of exercise which reduces the internal noise by whispering the mind “Keep quiet and remain silent if we try to stay in a freeze mode for hours or minutes. It immensely gets lucrative for health prospects.  

Meditation does have positive effects on “behavioral aspects”. It can also be called the best practice that can help a person take an instant decision on a situation where you get many choices. It makes it easier and simpler for one to decide from the options even one can create enthusiastically its option when nothing is available.

It works as an emotional barometer; today’s era comes with the incapability of adopting change. Sometimes we just sit tight on our anger or fear and allow the emotional storm to infuse within. When we open up our emotions such as anger, fear, and disappointment which rage within ourselves as the internal organs released in the body by the ductless glands. When we undergo such emotions and feelings, which we know as the state of mind, the hormones accentuate the experience of such feelings in us. This is the reason why do we have limited control of emotions.

Symptoms when such emotions elevate in us internally?

We start taking short breaths means lesser expansion of oxygen to the cells and tissues and most importantly to the brain. Elevates blood pressure, pounding heart, drooping shoulders, sweaty palms, tense muscles, a trembling body, increased body temperature, and in extreme cases, loss of appetite are other symptoms that follow stress. Other reasons could be if you skip a meal or eat poorly, the blood sugar is reduced even further. This builds up the grip of emotions over your physiological and mental state.

Meditation is not a religious and spiritual activity. It teaches how to control perception. Perception is the way we view, interpret, and experience the world. It helps us to look at life without filters. It bridges the conscious and unconscious parts of our minds. It fuses our everyday world with what we see, hear, and feel through the perception of the realities that lie beyond it.

Meditation is not to be confused with concentration. Learning to concentrate during meditation is a process. Concentration is the priority for one to progress in any field, the mind must be trained through regular meditation to develop the power to focus when necessary, for the desired result.

Benefits of Meditation

Our body and mind are interdependent if both are equally nurtured well, it would have balanced functioning. Then we are perfectly balanced, it would express in our communication, posture, appearance, and tone of voice. The way we think and feel about ourselves has a direct influence on our body, the way our body feels reflects on the mind. A healthy body keeps the mind equally healthy.

Meditation benefits physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

Physical benefits:

  • The blood cholesterol level drops.
  • The blood pressure significantly reduces
  • Metabolic rate drops
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Reduce breathing problems
  • Reduce heart-related problem
  • Look younger

Psychological benefits

  • Control hormone level
  • Coordinated brain functioning
  • Love and empathy
  • Balanced attitude
  • Positive outlook

Spiritual benefits

It has immense benefits, you are drawn to the spiritual dimension when you meditate consistently you find a remarkable difference in the quality of your prayers. You feel a difference in you that to be a positive one, you become selfless.  Every prayer turns out to be a rich experience in the connection you establish with God. You enjoy magnificent experiences including miracles.

I hope it will help you if I talk about myself I got introduced to meditation when I was in my college where we all students were requested to take off shoes, stretch the legs, sit comfortably in the chair, close the eyes. It was sessions of half an hour, there was a trainer who guided us relaxation exercise and instructs us to meditate. There was light music humming in the background of how that half an hour had flown away, I could not recognize many of my friends had an amazing experience including me. We felt relaxed after the session most of us confessed how pleasant we felt during the relaxation exercise and the meditation program.

In the end, I would say that youth has understood the importance of meditation and they are also willingly adopting the practice by knowing the facts about meditation.

Meet you soon!

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