Stress: Why does it happen and what are its causes, symptoms, signs, and Preventions

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Hope you all are taking good care of you and your family. I hope you guys must be relaxed/stress-free from this pandemic, now results are getting positive not CORONA positive jokes apart nowadays people are worrying about this positive word. I am talking about the results of the recovery ratio of this Pandemic. Now it is getting higher than the death ratio.

This year has been very stressful for everyone; we have tasted the flavor of all kinds of stress this year. So I thought to write something on STRESS, though it has been ever time prevalent topic. We are very much familiar with the word called stress during this pandemic every single person even children got introduced with words such as pressure, anxiety, strain, worry; tension, hassle, etc. have become common words of usage in everyday conversation.

The first question that arises here is what is stress? Stress is your body’s reaction to any challenge and demand of any situation the way one reacts to a particular situation.

According to Buddha: It’s the gap between our expectations & Reality. More the Gap, more the stress. So expect nothing & accept everything.

This is what sometimes we make expectation so high that stands out like hurdles to us so we should have an equal stature so that it can meet up the high quality of life having beautiful fragrance in it.

Stress defines as strain or pressure causing suffering. If you are stressed, you must be distressed! Stress has a negative connotation.

Why stress is so common? These questions have become a debatable topic or the topic on the various platform to be discussed this problem has come up because the person has started ignoring his internal desires or his capacity. Everyone has blown away with the wind of pleasing others rather than listening to his consciousness. One should dig out his internal happiness that can uplift a man with the boundless success molded with super high satisfaction.

 Today we are dealing with a lot of pressure and are living to please others rather than being true to ourselves even we do not know how to conduct our body, emotions, and mind. Hell and heaven are what you make out of it if you have made heaven out of yourself. You will come out a winner.

Types of stress

Define Eustress

Stress it sounds negative but it need not necessarily be bad or negative. If we add two letters in it i.e. EU this prefix derived from Greek word means “well or good” when we add it with stress becomes eustress means good or positive stress. It is also defined as pleasant or curative!

  • Like any person get an unexpected promotion, now!
  • When you feel at the top of the world
  • Greatly pleased
  • So happy while performing dance and singing in joy.

When any accomplishment that makes you personal experiences such feelings of high, it is eustress. It is beneficial stress, this type of stress that keeps us vital and excited about life this is how it is different from stress.

  1.  Winning Stress: It comes out when you find yourself in such a situation when you strongly think about the situation looming ahead where you are expected to make a brief speech or a presentation with everyone’s eye on you. Yet despite feeling distressed imagine you go to right ahead and do it. It works uniquely gives you high energy fuel on the physical, mental, and emotional plane to win, succeed, and accomplish it with overjoyed. The distress that you began with has now been transformed to eustress.
  2.  Harmful Stress: It is a stress when we are worried about something, real or imaginary. It keeps people constantly worried, can cause serious emotional imbalances.
  3. The downsizing of the company as a consequence of which one may lose his/her job.
  4. Not having enough income to pay both for a home mortgage and children’s school fee.

This pandemic era has been filled with this stress every single person has caught up with such issues.

Causes of stress

  1. Change Produces Stress: Stress change is synonymous with the change. Anything that causes a change in our day to day life results in emotional stress. Even it does not matter whether the change is for good or bad. Our body interprets them both as stress. These are some stress-causing situations involved with the change.
  2. Relocating to a new city
  3. Marriage
  4. Divorce
  5. Birth of a child
  6. The death of a loved one
  7. Arriving guests at home
  8. Emotions Produce Stress: Someone with whom you do not get along in your immediate family or at your workplace makes you ill at ease and so, you are stressed. Similarly, arguments, conflicts, misunderstanding, disagreements, or lack of communication can cause changes in your personal life that are stressful.
  9. Health Produces Stress: Sometimes your physical health causes stress, however mild it is like a common cough & cold, upset stomach or fever. These minute changes cause stress in your body.
  10. Climate Produces Stress: From time to time very hot or equally very cold climates can be stressful. Because it gets difficult for the one to adopt these changes easily.
  11. Altitudes Produce Stress: High altitudes also influence stress levels. That is why many people fear riding on the giant wheel or rollercoaster and air traveling gets stressful for them.
  12. Overwork Produces Stress:   If you are working every day for fourteen to sixteen hours a day you consume time available for relaxation. Sooner or later energy drain on your body would be heavy that you would suffer a breakdown or quit altogether.
  13. Responsibility Produces Stress: When a person eventually takes responsibility for the action and performance of others, changes occur in your life. Some of the people have little or no control. This becomes a major stress-causing factor.

Symptoms and Sign of stress:

It seems very normal you don’t notice how much it is affecting. Each person reacts differently to stress and there is no yardstick to measure. It is important to be aware of the common symptoms and signs of stress.

                                Physical Symptoms

  • Constipation
  • Rapid heart rate, lungs
  • Blood Pressure Problem
  • Dizziness and sweating

Emotional Symptoms

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Loneliness

Cognitive Symptoms

  • Lack of Concentration
  • Memory problems
  • Worrying constantly
  • Poor judgment problem

Behavioral Symptoms

  • Irregular eating habit
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Nervousness (nail-biting etc.)
  • Consuming Alcohol, cigarettes or drugs

At the end one question arises here is how can we manage stress or how can we overcome fear, anxiety, worrying, stress and prevent its future attacks

Short breaks are a kind of mental encouragement to work with enthusiasm and efficiency for the next working hours. The mind is also assured of a break again, and so cooperates. These brief breaks ensure not only restoring the blood circulation but also rejuvenates the body.

We should take care of our breathing pattern to be fit breathing exercises helps the cells of the body, brain and the blood are rich in oxygen, the brain is more relaxed and hesitant to order the sudden release of hormones in the stressful situation. The body gets equally relaxed stress fails to grip and passed by smoothly.

Physical exercises help you blow off steam and relaxed the body to make you feel good. Walking also quickens the blood circulation and rids the body of symptoms like stress, anxiety, and depression by a virtual change of mood.

Sound Sleep you must sleep for a certain number of hours every night our mind and body actively produce a sequential string which works as a stress buster.

Meditation repairs and heals you physically, mentally, and spiritually i.e. Body, Brain, and Being. The way we think and feel about ourselves has a direct influence on our bodies. Meditation gives a positive strength to the body and a healthy body keeps the mind equally healthy.

While summing up I just want to tell all my readers to be stress-free try to refocus on your choices rather than pleasing others we have got just one life to live better to live for you by taking take care of your loved ones make it as good as you can. It is just my opinion that I am sharing with you all.

I hope you will like it. Please comment and let me know your thoughts on this.

Thanks for your precious time.

Meet you soon!

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