Hello friends! Wishing you a very happy New Year hope this year will last with the fragrance of happiness, love, and good health. This year has touched the new horizon of goodness and swift of better living. Last year made us home arrested due to which many of us got frustrated living the life of being prisoners. The ringing bell of Christmas and New Year imbibe charm and a fresh start of our life without being afraid. 2020 taught us various learning which made us strong to fight against the uncomfortable situation of life. It has given us lots of lessons to learn and imbibe new learning in life for the goodness of family and self-care.
In this blog, I would like to highlight some factors that are significant to have self-care. We, people, have a tendency for not giving attention to self-health we people get involved in various activities related to our job, family and relatives but once it comes to our health we hardly pay attention to our health but “the year 2020” has taught us necessary human regulatory function in health prospects is “self-care” which is under self-control & self-initiated.
Self-care is considered a primary form of care with self-managed chronic illness. It is a continuous learning process it refers to the care and cultivation of self in a comprehensive sense, focusing in particular on the soul and the knowledge of self.
Self-care has seen a particular solution to the global rise. It is considered to be a functional pillar of health and social care and is an essential component of a modern health care system. It describes a conscious act one takes to regulate their multidimensional process which involves the physical, mental and emotional well-being of a person.
When we take the step to care for our mind and body, we will better equip to live the best version of our life. There is a myth with many people feel self-care a luxury, rather than a priority accordingly. They feel tired and ill-equipped to handle life’s unavoidable challenges. They find themselves helpless to handle any situation in life.
It is significant to understand and assess how you caring for yourself in several domains so you can ensure you are caring for your mind, body, and soul. It is as important as caring to society because an individual can bring the change in the family in surrounding and also contributes to society. Here I want to highlight some basic self-care practice that is significant for every area of life.

  1. Physical self -care
    The first and foremost thing is to take care of yourself physically when you are not physically fit you can not even think of doing anything. You should take care of yourself if you want to run your life efficiently. There is a strong connection between body and mind. It includes how you are charging your body how much exercise or physical activity you are involved in while doing it and how adequately you are taking steps for your physical needs like how much sleep you are taking in a day, your diet plan, your workout plan and how much you are responsible with your health taking an appointment, regular checkups, getting medicated as prescribed is a part of physical self-care.
  2. Mental Self-care
    Body and mind have a strong connection to the way you think or whatever you fill in your brain it will influence your psychological well being. For this, you should take proactive measures to stay mentally healthy like doing creative work that gives you mental peace or learning about new things that fascinate you. You might find reading books, listening to music, dancing, traveling, watching movies these activities giving you inner satisfaction.
  3. Spiritual Self-care
    It is an action when we go deeper to connect with ourselves. Practicing spiritual care not only leads to greater inner peace but also gives inner strength to aligns us with our core values. Meditation, yoga are some practices that drag you to be calm and composed being and also helps you in different aspects of life. You might find yourself to have immense energy within you to handle things positively.
    Research shows that meditation offers not only calm but also helps with anxiety and depression, cancer, chronic pain, asthma, heart disease, and blood pressure.
    To start a day all you should take out a few minutes to meditate, spend time in nature, practice gratitude, and praying each day later you may work the rest of the day as planned. Nurturing your spirit does not mean involving any religion. it is completely a free action that gets you connected with the universe and helps you to develop a deeper sense or understanding.
  4. Emotional Self-care
    When our emotional self-care needs are not being addressed we tend to feel irritated and disturbed which leads us to the negative zone. It is significant to have healthy coping skills to deal with uncomfortable emotions like anger, anxiety, nervousness, unease, sadness.
    In simple terms, emotional self-care is caring for your emotional needs by identifying what is you are feeling and then moving forward in a way that honors yourself and your emotions.
    It needs practicing experience your emotions without judgment, give yourself the grace to try again when moments do not go as planned acceptance of yourself as you, is so important.
  5. Social Self care
    The measures of social self-care are not at all determined by the number of people, but by the quality of people with whom we are socially connected. People of strong social ties would feel stress-free and also have a good experience in their uncomfortable moments. Unfortunately, people with poor social ties are more likely to experience ongoing stress, which can reduce the quality of their relationship further. Many studies show that individuals with social ties have far lower mortality rates than those with lower quality relationships.
    At the end of my blog, I would like to urge my readers to take out time for self-care, it is not something that you can put off until you have more time all these activities are intended to help, manage yourself they can impact other areas of your life as well. It is an active choice to participate in the activities that are known to boost your overall physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social well being. Take some time you will likely find that you feel much better in both body and brain. Infusing self-care into your day will imbibe you with positive outcomes.
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